Meet the team delivering the energy transition in emerging markets

What We Do

Evergreen Investment Partners was established in 2012 since 2016 the firm has operated out of Zug.
Evergreen’s core activities are focused on delivering investment advice to financial institutions, leveraging Evergreen’s partners experience accumulated in listed companies and medium-sized businesses to deliver truly unique industrial perspective to each transaction.
Our investment professionals work across different geographies and provide a strong backbone to investment execution and support of portfolio management teams. This complementary blend of industrial, engineering, consulting and private equity experience makes us a valued partner in the operational and financial development of solar power plants and energy storage facilities. 
Evergreen advises financial institutions in the origination, analysis and negotiation of investments in infrastructure assets, mostly renewable energy and electrical infrastructure, and provides a unique platform for dynamic, fast-growing energy transition investments.

Our services include

Originate, negotiate and manage capital-light codevelopment agreements

Deliver timely and competitive long-term capital commitments

Provide seamless risk mitigation

We do not provide

Engineering services

Legal advice

Tax structuring advice

We drive the development, construction, financing and operation of energy assets (solar power and energy storage plants) to transition to a low-carbon energy matrix.
Be the partner of choice for leading financial institutions to simplify all the processes of investing in energy transition assets.
Team spirit
Evergreen places teamwork at the centre of its activity. Communication and solidarity allow our business partners and employees to build trusting relationships and create a work environment where everyone can thrive.
Together with, curiosity and open-mindedness are what drive our success and lead to new opportunities: every day our partners are encouraged to take action, to open themselves up to the world, to explore new investment options and contractual solutions.
Hard work 
Evergreen’s success rests on the professionalism and discipline of its partners and staff. We understand that timely and flawless delivery is an essential part of success and through their personal commitment, our employees embody the spirit of the company.
is central to our reputation and a strong motivation for us to constantly keep improving our practices and it also embodies the long-term perspective in which we commit ourselves to with our public and private clients. 
Our integrity warrants our legitimacy to lead on large scale investments in emerging countries and reflects our desire to establish a climate of absolute trust. We embrace new technologies that enable the perfect traceability of data to create a perfectly transparent auditable business environment.
Alignment of interests
because we understand the difficulties in disbursing capital at risk in emerging countries, we align our interests with our financial partners’ and we put our money where our word is. 
In cases when the client’s investment mandate allows a co-investor, Evergreen or its partners will take a minority stake in the early stages of a project to share the riskiest portion of the investment and further commit to the long-term success of the investment.